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Dr. Mishelle Ortiz-Velez, PhD, LMFT

Mishelle Ortiz-Velez is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with over nine years of clinical experience working with individuals, families, and couples. She received her PhD in Family Therapy, from Nova Southeastern University, and is passionate about using her continued education and experience to empower clients through the struggles they face. 

Dr. Ortiz has extensive experience working with trauma, grief and loss, suicidality, domestic violence, and co-occurring disorders. Throughout her experience, she has been able to identify a burning passion and unique talent for helping individuals challenge their limiting beliefs and become the best versions of themselves. She understands that life is not something we are meant to survive but where we are meant to thrive. 

Dr. Ortiz strongly believes that, just as in all relationships, a successful therapeutic relationship is based on respect, transparency, and trustworthy interactions. Her framework for therapy is based on the understanding that with the appropriate support and the possibility of a new perspective, you can create opportunities to respond to difficulties in more effective ways. 

Dr. Ortiz’s desire to help others is matched only by her desire to travel the world. The thrill and anticipation felt from boarding a flight provides her with a sense of joy that reinvigorates her desire to spread joy and amplifies the passion she has for her work. Clients describe Dr. Ortiz as warm, relatable, and understanding, with a unique outlook on life.