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Individual Therapy

Depression; Anxiety; Loneliness; Job Loss/

Dissatisfaction; Managing Changes; Relocation;

Anger Management; Trauma; Self-Esteem;

Weight Issues; Postpartum Depression; LGBTQ;

Substance Abuse/Addictions & Bereavement/Loss.


Couples Therapy

Premarital Counseling; Preparing for Divorce;

Managing Relationships with Extended Family;

Infidelity; Loss of intimacy; Remarriage;

Managing Challenges of Intercultural Relationships; Communication; Domestic Violence;

Managing Recent Diagnosis of Life Partner

& Support During Infertility Treatment.


Family Therapy

Communication; Remarriage & Combined Families; Managing Through Changes of Family Structure; Dealing with Recent Diagnosis of a Family Member; Bereavement & Parenting Support.

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